Candy, Chocolate & More!

Miss that candy from your childhood?  We carry that unique, nostalgic, and retro candy that brings back memories once it enters your mouth!  Remember Big Hunks, Astro Pops, Zots and Cherry Mash?*  The large assortment includes gourmet chocolate, gummies, jelly beans, cotton candy and lollipops!    We also carry a small selection of sugar-free items.  You’re never too old to enjoy these memories from your childhood!

We love, love, love our Texas favorites like Dr. Pepper cotton candy and Dr. Pepper gummi bottles that complement our Dr. Pepper popcorn!  Occasionally, you can also find our made in-house Dr. Pepper fudge to make that perfect Dr. Pepper gift basket!

Speaking of, all our fudge is made in-house and most is gluten free!  Made from real butter to get that smooth, creamy consistency!  Come in and try a free sample!

Looking for a super food that’s a little sweet?  Try our candied nuts that are scrumptiously coated with cinnamon and sugar!  Kept in a heated case so that when you purchase, they’re nice and warm and ready to eat!  We carry pecan, almond and cashew.

Cake Bites are a big favorite in our store because there they’re so fresh, moist and so pretty.  Cake Bites are brought in every few days to maintain freshness but large quantities can be ordered through

Come in and shop other items like t-shirts, coffee mugs, custom-made tumblers and our ever-so-popular large selection of TY Babies!  All of these items are a compliment to your gift basket or box!

*Items subject to availability


Candy, Chocolate & More, Oh My!