Popcorn & Candy Tins are the perfect gift!

POParella's Gourmet POPcorn & Candy Tins are the perfect gift for any popcorn lover!  Popcorn tins are the classic option as a great gift!  We heat-seal all tins with those favorite flavors that keep your popcorn fresh.  We carry the largest variety of tins that span from sports to theme tins.

Our sports tins include professional and collegiate sports such as football, baseball, basketball & hockey.  Theme tins include birthday, "Thank you", special occasion & a wide variety of holiday tins which we consider are specialty.  We carry tins for all of our military branches!

Want to make a lasting impression (literally)?  We can help you by creating a label, use a company logo & affix to the the tins.

Most tins can be divided in up to 3 of your favorite flavors!  We also offer refills at a discounted price!  Sizes vary upon type of tin but can special order if other sizes are requested.  Below is the approximate number of cups each size holds.

1 gallon  - 16 cups               2 gallon - 32 cups

3.5 gallon - 56 cups           6.5 gallon - 104 cups