POParella's POPcorn!

POParella’s starts with the best ingredients by using a non-GMO (non-genetically modified) seed and the finest popping oil made from coconut oil blend.  To keep the crunch in our savory flavored popcorn, we use a hybrid seed which is a combination of butterfly-style (same as used in movie theater popcorn) and mushroom kernel.  Our caramel, candy-coated and chocolate popcorn is made using a giant mushroom seed which pops consistently big and round to show off its beauty in every batch.  Our popcorn is 97% seed free after popping because of the rigorous sifting we put it through!

Savory POPcorn

Our savory popcorn is made with the best seasonings from a supplier that provides us with very few artificial ingredients.  The best savory flavors that contain the best ingredients are used in small batches to remain the freshest possible, which is why this is one of the best-selling category.  All savory flavored popcorn is gluten free which makes them a big hit!

Kettles & Caramel Blends

Our kettle-style flavors are gluten free and dairy free!  Our kettle is made with the simplest ingredients of sugar and salt.  Our Cinnamon Toast is sprinkled with pure ground cinnamon, and our Jalapeno Kettle is sprinkled with Jalapeno Powder.  These three kettle flavors are big hits amongst the big crowds, and we’ve been told time and time again that we “make the best kettle”! Caramel Blends are a combination of caramel with a savory or two and are some of the all time best sellers!

Caramels and Cornfettis

Our caramels and cornfettis (candy-coated) popcorn are some of the best in the area!  For caramel, we use pure butter and brown sugar and slowly cook it to get that perfect, buttery crunch!  For our candies, we use sugar and emulsions to create those fruity and tropical flavors that are perfect for that event or your personal enjoyment. We offer customized colors and flavors when a minimum of 42 cups is ordered.

Specialty POPcorn

We use the finest dark, milk and white coating chocolates from a local supplier that sells the finest products in the area.  Additionally, we use pure brown sugar, whole real butter and 100% creamy peanut butter for additional coating.  We make all our specialty popcorn in small batches of no more than 9 gallons at a time to ensure quality and consistency.

Our employees are hired because they LOVE popcorn and LOVE what they do, which means our popcorn tastes the best!